Essay on Religion Is A Belief Of A God Or Gods?

Essay on Religion Is A Belief Of A God Or Gods?

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Religion can be defined in many ways and has different meanings for different people; some say religion is a belief in a god or gods. According to (Religion, 2015) religion is defined as faith in a divinely created order of the world. Places of worship vary from churches, temples, and mosques to list a few. For many, religion is turned to in times of distress and confusion. Many seek assistance through religion similar to how client seeks assistance from therapy. In the past religion has been used to heal, which begs the question does religion belong in therapy? In this essay I will discuss religion in therapy.
Much success has come from religion in therapy. Success has occurred when used to cope with psychological disorders, preventing unhealthy behaviors, and to promote resilience (Elkonin, D., Brown, O., & Naicker, S., 2014). Religion in therapy is increasing in popularity. Several clients believe that having a therapist that shares their religious views can better understand them, an immediate connection that can put a client at ease. Many religions impact the way their followers live their everyday life. From what followers eat and drink to how many times they attend a place of worship. With religion playing such a large role in people’s lives, many believe it should be used in therapy. William Hathaway of Regent University in Virginia is a therapist that has embraced religion in his practice. He incorporates prayer in sessions, spiritual journeying, and biblical text to assure good heath and emotions are met. During the assessment William Hathaway asks about religious background, from there he asks a variety of questions to assess the relationship of his client and religion. William Hathaway will look back at all of the in...

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...fort and will minimize harm. If the client is aware and knows what to expect, this will reduce the chance of negative experience. 3.10 Informed Consent (Fisher, 2013) is in place to assure consent is provided. Once a client is informed and agrees to the consent agreement, assistance may begin
Religion in therapy can be used effectively. Proper rules and regulations must be followed. Therapist must be conscious of both party’s religious backgrounds. The therapist must be comfortable with their own religious background and must be open to others beliefs. Evaluations must be diligently to ensure that it is indeed an issue that can benefit from religion being involved in the therapy. Clients must also allow consent and agree to the terms. Religion has been actively used in the past to heal; I feel that clients could benefit greatly from religion being used in therapy.

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