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Religion in Singapore Essay

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The major religions of the world are no longer distant from us. They are now closer to us than we can conceive; our neighbors, schools, offices and market places. These beliefs and faiths are much a part of our everyday lives, which make it important for us to have a clear view of our history, teaching, customs and traditions, so we can better relate to people who profess them.
In this research paper, I endeavor to make a small, but intensive contribution and bring to light religious history on Singapore.
The philosophy of religion is different to various people. But in all we can say that religion is a set of beliefs and practices of a particular individual or group of people or sects. In any nation or society, people have a caboodle of cultural structure, belief structure and world views that create symbols that relate to spirituality and moral values. Many religions have symbols and traditions, passed in from generations down that are intended to give life a meaning or explain its origin. Many countries if not all have their own religion. Some practice one, others two and many others are known for their polygamous religions.
Among these countries, we have Singapore. There are many religions in Singapore considering the fact that many ethnic groups exist. That is to say, there are many religions in Singapore as a result of their different beliefs. It is home to ten religions. Coming into Singapore, the first thing you will notice the diversity of its citizens.. Singapore is an uncommon but corporeal sample of a nation where people from different facets of life, live together, irrespective of their tribe or religion, without fear or favor. As a matter of fact freedom of worship is topm...

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