Religion As A Strong Element Within Society Essay

Religion As A Strong Element Within Society Essay

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Since ancient times, religion has played a major role in the lifestyle of the human civilizations and different cultures, as part of the first sense of community and integrity of its members. Religion embraces diversity ideologies which dictate the lifestyle of societies in many aspects, ranging from political affiliations, social life, economics, education, family life, and everything that has seen as revolutionary changes based on religiously driven ideologies declared the authority of God and his representatives over social elements which are meant to ensure a better life in the material world and even more glory in the eternal life after death. Therefore, the influential role played by the religious elements has been carefully analyzed for centuries having taken a major turn in the twentieth century. With the emergence of the secular lifestyle, conflicts came into play between the secular and more than one conservative school of thought.
In this article, the author explains religion as a strong element within society which dictates every aspect of people 's lives in a way that is perceived as "just" by God and those who follow that path to reach salvation. One of the main differences between religion and other schools of thought according to this article is that religion gives total authority to an entity that is perceived as the most powerful and knowledgeable, something that is very unfathomable (Ozzano, 2013).
The author defines religion in relation to other subjects as a single explanation of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly; Based on a notion of the Transcendent to other matters, mainly because the fact that it is not considered an authority from a subjective point of view but explains the theme ...

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...the oppositions that could have accepted Islam as a key force behind every aspect of their lives, something that is not necessarily a bad thing (Ozzano, 2013).
What could they have done better? I believe the article could give more emphasize on the Turkish history that links back to the early days of Islam when the Arabs made their way to this region and established a political system that operated solely based on religious elements. Understanding the historical background of Islam and how the leaders were chosen during that time would help the scholars of today’s world to have a clear understanding of the role that Islam played in the development of a democratic system in the country. Although the main outline might have been closer to the core principles of Islam, it did recognize the role of general people in the process through which leaders were to be selected.

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