Religion And The Traditional Catholic Home Essay

Religion And The Traditional Catholic Home Essay

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Just like evolution, creatures, populations, and species can change and morph into things that they never have been before. And just like evolution, while everything is making it’s own changes, beliefs and values are doing the same, and nothing can ever be set in stone. Growing up as a child, I was raised into the traditional Catholic home. I was pushed into attending church sessions and to be baptized. I had no idea what was going on, since I was only a young child. My life was very moldable and parents could shape it into any way they wanted. Being so young and brought up in a catholic setting, I never knew anything else. Since I was forced to attend church and other religious groupings, it has challenged me to change my religious beliefs and expand to new beliefs, to new one’s like agnosticism.
Being a Catholic, I had to attend CCD classes, church every sunday, and pray before we ate our meals. We followed The Ten Commandments, and we wholeheartedly believed in a Heaven and Hell. To disobey the word of God, or abuse The Commandments, my family would remind me that being sent to Hell is a possibility for bad people. My family was not as strict as some catholic families could be, however, I still felt as if I was serving my duties as a respected catholic. I was brought up this way and it was important to my family that I stayed that way. But just like evolution, nothing is set in stone and I was determined to break out of my stone casing that my family had put me in.
It started when I was integrated with immensely varying individuals, at places like school and around the community; I realized Catholicism is simply a little sliver of all the religions that are out there. I was amazed and stunned. Why did my parents not inform m...

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...d proverbs from the bible, and retelling stories of Jesus and how he saved them all. Trying to tell Christians that their beliefs are nonexistent to whoever they are talking to, never ends well.
Every flip to Discovery Channel always leads to new findings, new ways to tell and reshape the past. There are some who disagree that evolving from fish is unlikely, and there are some who say God creating us all is unlikely. The disagreements between them both will never end. What it comes down to is finding knowledge that suits each individual, or finding some sort of religion to ease the unknowable. But without being raised into one religion, I would not have been exposed to the thought of trying something new. I would not have been able to find this new set of beliefs that resemble agnosticism. And without that, I would not have changed and expanded into the person I am.

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