Religion And Morality And Moral Decisions Essay

Religion And Morality And Moral Decisions Essay

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Religion and morality are two things that people seem to connect quite often. Many people believe that in order to be moral, there has to be belief in God. This belief makes you a moral person because you follow what God is stating in his bible, such as never lying or stealing. But is that the case of every individual? Is a person who believes in God morally correct all of the time?
Being moral means to know and act upon the differences of good and bad, wrong and right. Your behavior is morally correct if you do a good action, such as helping someone. If you are immoral, you would ignore what is right and do something wrong. Opposing other’s views that do not correlate with yours tends to happen when you do not agree with something another person has stated. You discard any possibility that the other person might be right, creating belief perseverance, which can alter one’s judgments and moral decisions.
People who are devoted into their religion, many times do not view atheist believers as good, moral people. It is not the beliefs that make you moral, but the actions. A religious person can be very immoral when they do not accept people for who they are or judge them solemnly on appearance. There are many issues that religious versus non-religious people can disagree on, such as homosexuality or abortion. Religion appears quite often when people are talking about these problematic topics. Religious people argue that marriage should be between a man and a woman, because their bible claims it is the righteous way to live. With abortion, an argument against it is that everyone has a right to life or that it is murderous. Many times people who oppose religious peoples’ views are judged and shunned without having the opportunity t...

... middle of paper ... morality and people would be free to do as they please, instilling chaos in the world. This belief seems to be fallacious because our brain and knowledge tend to be what makes our judgments and decisions. God cannot decide for us, we decide ourselves.
A sense of belonging and a sense of following what others follow seem to be reasons why people practice certain kinds of religions. The tradition might be passed down, but the bond created within is perhaps something that people cherish about religion. This makes it easy to agree with what about half of the world agrees with. People are often fearful to present their views to people who solemnly judge on your beliefs. Although society has set standards of morality, which might be based on biblical writings, it is important to not let a religion and religious followers state what is moral for someone and what is not.

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