Essay about Religion And Homosexuality : Biblical Values Accepted By Christianity

Essay about Religion And Homosexuality : Biblical Values Accepted By Christianity

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Religion and Homosexuality: Biblical Values Accepted by Christianity
In today’s society, there is a lot of controversy regarding religious beliefs and homosexuality. I have an ambivalent point of view when asked about this issue because I regularly attend church and was raised as a Christian. On the other hand, I support the rights of LGBTQ individuals in today’s culture. In the film For the Bible Tells Me So, a variety of religious beliefs and values are explored from the perspective of several families with homosexual children. While a few points in the documentary are in favor of homosexuality, most of the values strongly oppose it. One major belief in the film discusses the idea of biblical literalism, in which the Bible is strictly followed and says that homosexuality is an abomination and a sin.
One of the families highlighted in the 2007 documentary For the Bible Tells Me So is the Poteats from Haw River, North Carolina. This Christian family believes that homosexuality is wrong. Both husband and wife of the Poteat family agree that they must follow what the Bible explicitly says (For the Bible Tells Me So). This value, known as Biblical literalism, claims that the Bible is the literal truth and everything that is said in it must be strictly followed. The belief of biblical literalism, as advocated by the Poteat family, deems that homosexuality is an abomination (as read in Leviticus in the Bible). According to the scripture, the term ‘abomination’ means that it is not customary and is against tradition and rituals. Homosexuality is considered an abomination because it inhibits the ability to reproduce and procreate the next generation. With the Poteats strict religious beliefs in mind, they were exceedingly disappointed ...

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...pture, while homosexuality is still condemned. Therefore, I do not strictly follow the readings in the Bible and my religious values as faithfully as the Poteat family does.
The Poteat family, emphasized in the film For the Bible Tells Me So, are Christians that follow a Biblical Literalism religious value. I can personally relate to their Christian beliefs, but I do not rigorously follow everything that the Bible says. I respect my religion and everyone who are passionately devoted to their values. On the other hand, I am fully supportive of homosexual liberty and equality in our society. The ongoing debate regarding religion and homosexuality is just getting started. I confidently believe that our society will see a major transformation in the viewpoints concerning this topic and that the evolution of homosexuality in our religious culture will soon be prevalent.

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