Religion and Ethnicity around the World Essay

Religion and Ethnicity around the World Essay

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I have never been considered good in geography let alone cultural geography. As soon as I enrolled, I started to dread having to take a geography class that I knew I was going to be awful at. As classes started this semester, I have to admit that I thought that this class would drag along until I either made a B or C in the class then I would go on without thinking about it again. However, while Professor Henning was teaching, specifically about religion, I became interested in the many different religions or ethnic groups around the world and how similar or different they might be (Greiner 2012). This is when I really became interested in this class. I began actually listening in class instead of going home, reading the chapters, and blowing off class. There were many different things in the first several chapters that I did find interesting also, like how in different countries different symbols made with a person’s hands means completely different things. The list could on about the many interesting things that I have learned. As this class has progressed, I now understand why cultures do and believe the things that they do that are different from what Americans or myself might do or believe (Greiner 2012).
My views have been changed in this class. I have begun to accept different cultures, how the world is, and cultural ecology (Greiner 2012). I have come to realize that the earth needs stewards to take care of it. I have begun to see that humans are either helping or hurting the world. Humans can help preserve vegetation in order to protect it so that it will be here for many years to come. Humans can also help other humans by helping decrease poverty rate or donating their money and time for a good cause. I h...

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...lity rather than any other place in the world. Poverty was also another large topic that really brought my interest in. I was shown the poverty line and how many Americans do fall under it and how I can go day-to-day without noticing it. It definitely made me extremely appreciative. I learned about the many types of religion. Going to a Christian school, I thought that Christianity was the one and only religion that people should follow. After this class, I realized that different countries have their own reasons as to why they believe in the religion that they do. Many religions have good aspects like giving to the poor or helping the community (Greiner 2012). Even though I was skeptical about taking this class, overall I am glad that I did because it opened my eyes to what is actually in the world. It expanded my knowledge of all the different cultures.

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