Religion And Culture : The Lame Deer Book Essay

Religion And Culture : The Lame Deer Book Essay

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Living in a diverse country we have many religions practices. Religion and culture plays an important part in peoples live. The Lame Deer book reveal so much information about the Native Americans beliefs and values that make me realize that Americans don’t exercise their beliefs they don’t have values and therefore there is no peace.
Most of the Americans have a religion but there is also individuals that don’t associate with any religion. Americans that have a religion tend to not exercise their beliefs they don’t get spiritually involve. They believe that by just going to church on Sundays, sit for an hour and listen to the priest they became in contact with God, also that it will help them to have an eternal salvation and will keep them from going to hell. Americans don’t apply faith in to their religion because they don’t listen to their soul they don’t pray from their heart and don’t talk to God from any other place that is not church. Having faith is been in contact with God spiritually and making the best for all not only thinking for yourself. In the case of the Native Americans they become spiritually involved with God by using the pipe to call the spirits and nature plays an important part in their lives. Native Americans believe that mountains, trees, animals, rocks, everything that is around them has a meaning and is part of their lives. For the Native Americans each animal has power, the buffalo has the power and the wisdom, the spider has the power but it is evil. They talk to all of this things in a spiritual way, they communicate with nature they listen to their voices and they learn from nature. For Americans the meaning of nature means nothing just but money and making resorts. As the Lame deer mention in his bo...

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... for them own interest they don’t care about other people. There is no equality in America or justice, because they tend to received but not give. Americans are very selfish and greedy they don’t share with others want they have, they want everything for them. Americans is just about capitalism and power. The way Americans should practice their beliefs should be how they treat other people. Everyone must see them self as part of earth not see ourselves as enemy because in the eye of nature and God we are all same and part of God. We have to take care of nature and we have play part of earth by not destroying our environment if we have a better earth we will have a better environment. We need to help those individuals that needs our help and respect each other so that we can have a peaceful world because all humans being are the same no matter if we don’t look alike.

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