Essay on Religion: Alleviates War and Violence

Essay on Religion: Alleviates War and Violence

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Religious Values in War and Peace: A Perspective of Islam
Peace and harmony are key values essential for the existence of the human race. The society focuses on the promotion of peace on the globe in the quest to ensure the protection of the wellbeing of each individual on the globe. With the application of different strategies and plans, the international community has over the years focused on the issue. Efforts from all quarters seem to work positively towards the assurance of global peace and mutual co-existence of people regardless of origin, race, and/or religion. However, global insecurity continues to pose a great challenge to the efforts. Cases of war, terrorism attacks, and social conflicts seem to be on the rise. However, all these notwithstanding, the society has relentlessly focused on the promotion of peace. Religion, a sole part of the human race, has been utilized to a greater extent in the promotion of peace. The different religious values held by different religions are essential for the promotion of peace and assurance of a peaceful local, national, and global community. For instance, the core values of Islam shun war while emphasizing on the need for peace and therefore their application in the promotion of peace would be of great importance.
Islamic Values Concerning War and Peace
Different religions hold and promote different values, whose integration in interaction with people in the society ensures peace and social coherence. The religion of Islam is deeply rooted in the teachings of peace and the promotion of such is a duty any Muslim should take seriously. By a matter of fact, as-Salam, an instinctive attribute of the one and the only true God, Allah, means peace (Ashraf 116). Therefore...

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...s and beliefs, Islam appreciates the importance of peace in the society and seeks to promote it through different values.
The Holy Qur’an the need for love, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy among other values that enhance social life. Further from these, the religion appreciates the sanctity of life and shuns all activities that may lead to termination of human life. Therefore, war, which leads to many effects like destruction and death, is highly discouraged in Islam.

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