Religion : A Peaceful Place Without Religions Essay example

Religion : A Peaceful Place Without Religions Essay example

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In discussions of the world would be a more peaceful place without religions, one controversial issue has been placing blame on one 's own religion when wars or conflict ending in violence has occurred. The question is asked. Does religion play a role in the violence going on around the world? On the one hand, many people may agree with this belief and argues that religion in a way always has played a role in the amount of violence in our society. On the other hand, the public contends that as humans we know what were are doing and our religion has nothing to do with the violence that we create. Others even maintain that we use religion as an excuse or as an answer to why we created so much violence. My own view on this topic is taking away religion would make the world a more peaceful place.
Some argue that the world 's wars and violence that occur are not to do with religion at all. that the wars and violence are simply done by human nature to want to kill. and we just use religion as an excuse or a reason to cover up the truth. The authors Greg Austin, Todd Kranock and Thom Oommen of God & War: Religious War Audit would agree that religion does not affect the peace in the world. they do not believe wars are caused by religion but simply the wars we come to see as being caused by religion are simply “wars of nationalism, liberation of territory or self-defense.” i will agree that some of the wars that have occurred in history aren 't related to religion but Greg, Todd and Thom is mistaken because they overlook recent events that have taken place in the world. for example 9/11. the terrorist attacks did not occur on self-defense or liberation of territory. those acts were brought on by their own religious beliefs in the Koran. ...

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...hould we regulate the amount of religion we teach our next generation or do we all come together and share one religion. If we all share the same faith and values what 's there to fight about. No more wars and any type of violence would happen due to religion. And if religion doesn 't really play a role in the violence that occurs in the world then we as humans should stop using religion as an excuse for the violence we commit towards one another. If it 's human nature to want to kill we have to own up to and by doing so my point of view on world the world be a more peaceful place without religion may change and i will look at the other side of the argument and agree that we as humans just use religion as an excuse to commit violence and try to justify that it is our duty to follow our god 's law and hate one another based on our religious beliefs

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