Relief Of Suffering : Resource Allocation Essay

Relief Of Suffering : Resource Allocation Essay

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Relief of suffering.
Resource allocation.
Preservation of life.
The likelihood of restoration of function.
The quality and extent of sustained life.

Stakeholders Negatives Benefits
The Patient Death. Relieved of suffering.
Wishes of patient taken into consideration
Surrogate Decision-maker Emotional strain of losing a loved one. Financial burden of life sustaining therapy relieved.
Acting in agreement with the patient’s wishes.
Attending Physicians Could see it as failure on his or her behalf.
Discussing the withdrawal of LST with family is challenging.
Have to go against moral and ethical beliefs.
Surrogate Decision maker and patient advance directive may be in conflict. Resources and services could be allocated to other patients who have a greater likelihood of restoration of function.
Attending Nurses Have to go against moral and ethical beliefs.
Discussing the withdrawal of LST with family is challenging. Resources and services could be allocated to other patients who have a greater likelihood of restoration of function.
Family members Division between family members associated with ethical dilemma. Financial burden of life sustaining therapy relieved.
Acting in agreement with the patient’s wishes.

Step 3: Identify the conclusion. Evaluate the ethical significance of the way the various stakeholders will be impacted and determine the actions to be taken. However, be willing to modify this conclusion if subsequent steps in argument construction indicate this is necessary.

It is ethical to withdraw life sustaining therapy from patients if it is the patient’s wishes to be removed (see benefits for stakeholders’ column above).

Justifications Withdraw LST Continue LST
More Fair or Just Resources and services of...

... middle of paper ...

...s, triage systems are used to coordinate care provided to the affected victims. The red tag indicates immediate attention, yellow means urgent, green indicates delayed care, and black means no care needed. Victims with a black tag will not be cared for because they have a greater chance of dying or are already deceased. This allows resources to be allocated to victims who have a greater chance of survival.

Justifications For Triage System Against triage System
More Fair or Just Resources and services of hospital can be allocated to the appropriate victims.
Every victim gets the same quality of care.

More Humane or Compassionate Aid can cause discomfort.
Aid can hasten death.
Aid can give a false sense of hope. Victim’s life is preserved.
More Moral or Righteous Death is neither hastened nor postponed. Withholding care is the equivalent of killing the victim.

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