The Relevance Of Videogames On The Learning And Development Of Young Children

The Relevance Of Videogames On The Learning And Development Of Young Children

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In this society, all children develop differently. A child could develop a specific skill faster or slower than their peers. For example, girls develop language skill faster than boys (Walsh). Especially in this digital age, many young children are exposed to electronic devices. It would be an interesting idea to study about whether those electronic devices could influence the development of those young children. In this essay, it will examine the relevance of videogames in the learning and development of young children. The purpose of that is to learn and understand the differences between male and females from different grade levels when they play a new video games.
In the article called, “Relevance of Videogames in the Learning and Development of Young Children,” composed by Zhuxuan Zhao & Jose Linaza. One of the hypothesis was, “Boys and girls will gladly and actively participate in the game. Nevertheless, and given that there are constant opportunities to play adventures or battles, we expect to see a greater interest from the male participants and less from the girls in the battle modes” (Zhao & Linaza, 2015, p.306). Zhao and Linaza “organized children from 2nd, 4th and 6th grades of elemental school giving them chance to play a freshly released videogame by that time” (2015, p. 302). Using this method, they would be able to analyze how both males and females will develop differently from the three different grade levels using new video games. In this research, Zhao and Linaza used a total of 50 boys and girls of 2nd, 4th and 6th grade students with age ranging from seven to thirteen (2015, p. 306). There were eight boys and eight girls in 2nd grade, eight boys and eight girls in 4th grade, and 9 boys and 9 girls in 6th gr...

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...ate because from my own experience, boys are extremely competitive in most video games. Also, it is related to the hypothesis because males did show more interest in the battle in comparison to the girls.
In conclusion, this article helped adding to the field and our understanding of child development by showing us how young boys and girls react differently in the same environment. In my opinion, I think parents will benefit most from the information in this article because there are many parents out there who have young children that are exposed to video games, and this article could help them understand more about how and why young boys and girls behave differently while playing video games. One question that I would like to know more about is that, would young adults between the age of twenty and thirty behave differently than the students in the same experiment?

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