The Relevance Of Social Psychology Essay

The Relevance Of Social Psychology Essay

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One field of psychology holds more relevance in an individual’s life than any other subset in psychology. The relevance of social psychology is evidence in everyday life. The field of social psychology is the study of social cognition, social behavior, and the interaction between the cognition and the behavior, which also can be affected by the social context an individual lives in. These concepts are used to gain insight and understanding of events and processes. In short, social psychology is the scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in their social context. There are many scientific methods applied to the field of social psychology, such as “examination of historical materials or literature, observation…natural experiment, questionnaire/survey, and interview” (Rozin 2001). These methods provide systematic observation, description, and measurement of human cognition and behavior. Social psychology has to take in to account the unconscious and conscious beliefs and attitudes of individual. Meaning social psychology takes into account emotions, thoughts and beliefs of an individual. This emphasize that the focus of social psychology is the psychology of an individual.
Asch studied one aspect of Social psychology, which was designed to test how peer pressure to conform would influence the judgment and individuality of young male students. Asch deceived the students by claiming that they will be given a vision test; the real purpose was to see how would the young impressionable men would react to the behavior of their peers. After the experiment, the young men were interviewed about how much did they believe their conforming answer. The young men had gone with the group out the fear of being ridiculed or tho...

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...were given a second chance with the knowledge of what the other people thought about the same object.
Zhu and Huberman concept of studying conformity in online communication is close related to Asch’s experiment because the both experiment explore the concept through an agreement to the majority position, which is either brought about by a desire to fit in or the desire to be correct, or just to conform to social role. In addition, to what extend do individuals tend to conform, why are the individual are sacred of being rejecting by its peers, and accepting the views of the peers to fit in. The concept of conformity is seen in today’s society; however; the way we see conformity has changed. The changed in the method of conformity shows that Social psychology is much important to study because society is bound to change but the concept of conformity stays the same.

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