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The Relativity of Religion Essay example

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Religion has been on earth since the time of man, it has been a haven for many who look for truth but religion has been recently the top of much recent debate; controversy has emerged due to its relativity and impact in society. The question people are faced with is whether religion has a meaningful place in peoples’ lives today?
Firstly, religion has brought a set of rules and guidelines on which followers will be judged on in order for them to reach their destination of paradise which is in the afterlife. The sixth commandment of the Ten Commandments is just one of many rules for not only Jews but humanity to follow. “Thou shall not murder” is one of many reasons why our world has not fallen to utter destruction, people who implement these morals and values are the only hope to spread peace and are the light of the darkness this world is in. It is this obedience that differentiates a person who is united under his/her religion than someone who is morally wrong. Also, by taking a stand on chastity, we see that research has proved that couples who abstain from premarital sex can actually be stable and happier. By abstaining from this act society can benefit, there will be less single mothers, meaning less burden for government, and less abuse at home means children can focus more on school.
In spite of the fact religion has brought a set of rules and guidelines for followers to pursue, critics argue as to whether people actually follow. Though, we are told not to have sex before marriage, as prescribed by all organized religions. Our world is filled with such behaviour which is unethical but not illegal according to the laws of western countries. People state that this is a man’s personal business, but if laws do not proh...

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