Essay on Relative Ethics on Globalization

Essay on Relative Ethics on Globalization

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In today’s world there are so many cultures that have different beliefs and standards than America. Being that all countries are so diverse with their beliefs we all have to realize that all beliefs should be respected and accepted to the fullest. Just because a country has different beliefs than America does not warrant those beliefs to be disrespected in any way. Even if other countries beliefs are as evil as they come, we unfortunately have to accept those beliefs and respect them. Some of those evil beliefs boil down to terrorist attacks. Those terrorist attacks can occur on American soil but do also occur in foreign countries but do kill innocent American citizens. Which than raises the question how do us Americans respond to global terrorism versus the terrorism that happens on our own soil? Do Americans care more for what happens in their country? Or do Americans care more for the attacks that happen outside of their country?
If we take a look at one of the most horrific attacks on American soil back in 2001 we see a group of Muslim Extremists whose main purpose was to hijack four aircrafts and fly those aircraft into American buildings. Two were to hit the North and South towers of The World Trade Center, one was to hit the Pentagon and the last was supposed to hit the White House but ended up crashing in a field. Now as Americans we see that hijacking an aircraft and than flying it into a building with over two hundred passengers is just completely asinine. But like I stated before, to the Muslim religion what they did on 9/11 was in fact morally and ethically correct because of their beliefs. These Muslim extremists are said to have to commit suicide in order to be accepted by their one and only God; Allah. Now it was n...

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...sin) who is serving in the United States Army. She says, “It is true. It really is. All countries are mainly focused on themselves and their personal gain. But it is with that selfishness that will make this world one day crumble.” In today’s world there are so many cultures that have different beliefs and standards than America.

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