Essay on Relationships Of All Kinds And Many Of Them

Essay on Relationships Of All Kinds And Many Of Them

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In this story there are relationships of all kinds and many of them. Each couple has their own unique story and thoughts on how a marriage should occur. There are five major relationships in this story each with their own goals and views. Some chose to marry for the reasons of wealth or social status while others search for the love of another. No matter the reasons situations have brought these couples together and their differing opinions separate them apart. Though in the end no matter the reason each seeks for their own form of happyness.
The first couple introduced are Mr. and Mrs.Bennett. married for a substantial amount of time it is obvious that the two do not love each other to the fullest extent. These two have five dauter that are currently of marrying age. Although In this time period rather than marrying out of love for another most were to gain money, social status, or to keep/make good relations in some cases marriages were even arranged. In the Bennett 's case the two respect and care for each other they have very different views on the reasons a marriage should occur. For Mr. Bennette though his experiences believes that when his daughters chose to get married that they should do it out of love and anything beyond that to be just a bonus. His reasons for this stem from his own relationship and challenges he has faced. In the case of Mrs. Bennett she wants her children to marry for money and social status so that they can have a better and more comfortable life. She makes this very obvious with her actions as she becomes overly excited with the slightest chance of marriage and believes that the most wealthy as the most attractive.
The first marriage to occur in this story is that between Charlotte and Mr. Co...

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... a wife that would sit on the sidelines of the relationship and follow her husband 's intentions like most of the other couples in this story excluding Elizabeth whose stubborn personality makes her more of a partner than a wife.
The marriages in this story had many ups and downs not to mention the drama but that is what makes a relationship interesting. Each character had their own thoughts on marriage and their own motives behind their actions. The types of relationships here can be split into two major categories the ones who married out of love for one another Elizabeth, Jane, Lizzie, Mr. Darcy, and Mr Bingly. The other side are the ones who married for reasons beyond their new partners including Mr. Collins, Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. bennett, and Mr. Wickham. Neither choice was right or wrong just the way that each person viewed marriage and their goals in life.

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