Relationship Oriented Behavior Differences On Group Harmony Essay examples

Relationship Oriented Behavior Differences On Group Harmony Essay examples

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• Strive to build rapport with others
• Focuses on group harmony
• Uses empathy to relate to others
• Puts interaction with others above deadlines
• Assigns group activities for team building

Effective leaders use a variety of relationship-oriented behaviors and attitudes. Leaders must instill values and vision to their followers. Leaders who believe in the mission of the organization will also use efficient values that resonate with members. These values will lead others to act in the same manner of the overall company mission, vision, and values statements. For this reason, relationship-oriented leaders will put all components in writing. Leaders must align people from all departments and all work positions for the best effect. Focusing on “pulling people together” can be a difficult option but one that will lead to the efficient alignment of all employees/followers. Followers must know and feel comfortable enough to have their opinions (Dubrin, 2013). A relationship-based leader is great at letting others know that they have an open-door policy and mean it. Inspiration from a leader is necessary as creates innovation and productivity. Maslow’s theory suggests that people have sets of needs that must be met to be successful. A relationship-oriented leader focuses a follower’s need “for achievement, personal growth, a sense of belonging, recognition, self-esteem, and a feeling of control over one’s life” (Dubrin, 2013, p. 117). Relationship-oriented leaders give emotional support and encouragement by allowing others to participate in decisions, displays frequent praise for accomplishments and improves morale.

• Focuses on efficiently co...

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...rds for the success of the organizational and personal goals. Northouse (2013) suggests that each of these behaviors is directly related to a task or relationship-oriented behaviors and the degree of emotional and cognitive intelligence a person possesses. I recommend the path-goal theory to assist organizations departments, and employees need to be met and thus, allowing for overall leadership success both nationally and globally.

No matter what types of behaviors or intelligence you possess, a leader must always consider their audience first. There are twelve habits that leader should focus on developing in order to be successful. They include:
• Courage
• Communication
• Generosity
• Humility
• Self-Awareness
• Always refer back to Courage
• Passion
• Infectiousness
• Authenticity
• Approachability
• Accountability
• Sense of purpose
(Bradberry, 2015).

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