Relationship Of Hands And Knees Position And Occipitoposterior Presentation

Relationship Of Hands And Knees Position And Occipitoposterior Presentation

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Relationship of Hands and Knees Position and Occipitoposterior Presentation
The Occipitoposterior position is considered to the one of the most painful and difficult when laboring. “The Occipitoposterior positon of the fetal head during labor is associated with increased incidence of operative delivery, maternal and neonatal morbidity, and prolonged labor, as well as unremitting back pain” (Stremler, R., Hodnett, E., Pettyshem, P., Stevens, B., Weston, J. Willan, A., 2005, pg.244). At some point of a labor and delivery nurse’s career, they will be taking care of a laboring mother who will have their baby in this position “Approximately five percent of babies are delivered in Occipitoposterior position, whereas estimates of the incidence of Occipitoposerior position during labor range from fifteen to thirty-four percent” (Stremler, R., Hodnett, E., Pettyshem, P., Stevens, B., Weston, J. Willan, A., 2005, pg.244). Labor and Delivery nurses assist laboring women change position during laboring as a comfort measure. That is why it is essential that the following question is researched. Why should labor and delivery nurses promote the hands and knees position when they have a mother laboring with an Occipitoposteior baby? “Hands and Knees positioning has shown promise as an intervention to improve labor and birth outcome” (Stremler, R., Halpern, S., Weston, J, Yee, J., Hodnett, S., 2009, pg. 391). Thus, to effectively promote this positon, one must understand the benefits associated with using it.
Benefits of the Hands and Knees Positon
When laboring, this position has been associated with many benefits. One of the key benefits found, from this research, was the reduction of back pain. “As many as thirty-five percent of women expe...

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...e occipitoposterior position. One of the articles, focused on the use of this positon with having an epidural in place. The other article was about a randomized controlled trail where seventy-seven women labored in the hands in knees positon with the baby in an OP position. Both articles agreed that this position was one that nurses should suggest to mothers in this type of situation. There was evidence that supported the idea of this position aiding in comfort, back pain, and showed evidence of aiding in the rotation of the fetal head. Overall, research trails, such as the ones in these articles are giving nurses the knowledge and evidence based support they need to promote the use of the hands and kneed position with OP babies! As a labor and delivery nurse it is essential to keep current with evidence based research, so that we can provide the best care possible.

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