Essay on Relationship Between Workplace And Workplace

Essay on Relationship Between Workplace And Workplace

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Relationships among workplace peers are the most common type of organizational relationships. At times, these platonic relationships turn romantic which are often regarded as an organizational issue. A workplace romance (WR) is defined as a no-platonic bond between two members of an organization in which both sexual attraction and affection is present (Cowan & Horan, 2014). WRs are common in organizations. According to a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), found that 40% of employees had been involved in a WR at some point in their careers (Cowan & Horan, 2014). The SHRM also found that over 70% of organizations do not have policies that prohibit WR. One of the most concerning questions that arises regarding workplace romance, is that whether it should be banned as it can potentially hurt the organization and the couple. Past research has often displayed the concerns about negative impacts related to WR, in particular, the impacts it has on the coworkers and organization. (Wilson, 2015) Negative effects include co-worker disapproval, cynicism and hostility (Anderson and Fisher 1991), as well as raising concerns for favoritism and employment benefits for those in the relationship by the other. Cole (2009) found that no one reported positive effects of a WR on the performance of co-workers or work environment. However, more qualitative research is needed to glean first-hand experience of workplace romance.
There are two types of workplace romance that have been identified in the literature: lateral and hierarchical. A lateral romance is a relationship between employees of equal status. A hierarchical romance is where two employees are at different organizational levels. For example, when a manager is romantica...

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... has focused on the negative and positive views of coworkers who work with couples who are in workplace romances, however little research is done on those who have first-hand experience being in a workplace romances. The proposed research will examine how the impact coworkers’ views affect individuals in a workplace romance. Expressions of workplace romance cannot be easily discouraged or prevented however it can be managed, particularly if it is hierarchical. Understanding both views of the co-workers and employees in workplace romances allows the organizations to limit negative outcomes and exploitative or destructive interpersonal behavior. Though there are policies or guidelines that are clearly communicated to employees and they understand the potential consequences, these policies need to be followed by both the employers and employees fairly and consistently.

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