The Relationship Between Undergraduate Attendance And Performance It States

The Relationship Between Undergraduate Attendance And Performance It States

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In the beginning of every semester of school, everyone is buzzing with excitement and nervousness. The students are wondering if they will look alright and not make a fool of themselves. They also want to know who will be in their classes. In every class there will have many different students in them. But in every class there will be four types of students: no show, the I’m here, the here to learn, and the I’m going to ace the class.
No show are those students that never show up other than on days of test or something important. These students don’t participate with the class at all because they are not there. The no shows rarely do homework but it is never in the classroom. They also just email their homework to the teachers. They think their personal life is so much more important than their school career. These students have no motivation to attend classes or get the homework done. In the article, The Relationship Between Undergraduate Attendance And Performance it states, “poor attendance is directly related to reduced academic performance”. So overall, these students would be l...

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