Essay about Relationship Between Tertiary Education And Part Time Work

Essay about Relationship Between Tertiary Education And Part Time Work

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1. An introduction to the relationship between tertiary education and part-time work:

Education is an essential tool required to succeed in today’s modern society. As time has progressed, there has been a higher and higher emphasis placed on tertiary education. In order to achieve a tertiary education, however an individual must have financial support as tertiary education is continuing to become more privatised and expensive than ever. It is therefore due to this lack of financial support many students are finding they must work part-time in order to support their studies. With the rapid growth in the service sector, there has been an abundance of low-wage, monotonous, routinized jobs available for students to pursue. The appeal of part-time work is centered around the flexible hours that slot into a study time-table of a student and the lack of difficulty in completing tasks involved in part-time work. The labour market segregation theory outlines and explains the division of the workforce and justifies why individuals seek to participate in tertiary education. The desire to part-time work is largely influenced by social institutions which play an important role in the in an individuals life. Institutions such as family, schooling and community environment and politics and the economy place students in the position where part-time work is necessary or desired. These institutions are involved in broader themes of student debt, academic achievement, and the socio-economic position of the family that play integral roles in dictating a student 's need to part-time work whilst gaining an education.

2. The emergence of part time work in modern society:

Part-time work is a product of the revolution in services foll...

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...ndary labour market into the primary labour market thus improving their socio-economic status and standard of living in the future. Braddock and McPartland (1987) support this in their article ‘How Minorities Continue to Be Excluded from Equal Employment Opportunities: Research on Labor Market and Institutional Barriers’ and summarize that in order to bridge that gap between the two labour markets education is crutial. The labour market segregation theory argues that there are institutional barriers that make the transition from the secondary labour market to the primary labour market difficult that hinder students ability to gain a tertiary education (reference + add). The social barriers that impede people from moving from the secondary labour market to the primary labour market is the financial under taking that is involved in participating in tertiary education.

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