The Relationship Between Sleep And Performance

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Teens should not have to struggle in school due to the lack of sleep early school start times cause. It is apparent that the lack of sleep is detrimental to the success of students. School all over the country have seen how the lack of sleep impacts the performance of students. Therefore, schools, primarily those that involve teens, should have school start later to help the students, schools, and society. The relationship between sleep and performance in schools is best described as a domino effect. Teen are already affected by their biology because their circadian rhythms are completely different than those of adults and children. This differences are and were not taken into account when the start of school time was implemented. This different circadian cycle makes teen have a natural inclination to sleep closer to 10 to 11 instead of earlier times. This added to the fact that teen need around eight and a half hours of sleep, this then places the most important time of the sleep cycle within the time frame of when students wake up to go to school. As Siri Carpenter states in her article Sleep Deprivation May Be Undermining Teen Health “In adults, such meager sleep allowances are known to affect day-to-day functioning in myriad ways. In adolescents, who are biologically driven to sleep longer and later than adults do, the effects of insufficient sleep are likely to be even more dramatic--so much so that some sleep experts contend that the nation 's early high-school start times, increasingly common, are tantamount to abuse”.(web)Now knowing this, it is apparent that moving the school start time to be later would cause a positive effect on student performance during school. An example of a positive effect that later times would... ... middle of paper ... ...’s start time involves a wide array of people--parents, teachers, students, principals, school boards, superintendents, counselors and healthcare professionals, among others. The impact is felt at a community level, but it is also felt individually, and the individuals who are affected need to have their views heard and acknowledged so that discussions can move forward in search of common ground”.(web)The future is in the hands of those teens that are waking up before the sun is up just to go to school and sleep there,instead of learning. In conclusion, it should be apparent that the time in which school starts has a huge impact on the lives of students. Just by making this small change could benefit schools and society right alongside the students. Why should we jeopardize the future with such a fixable problem? Do not let our future generation diminish before
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