The Relationship between Selfies and Real Life Relationship Quality Essay

The Relationship between Selfies and Real Life Relationship Quality Essay

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Self-portraits serve as a remembrance of an important moment of someone’s life that can be shared with others. Along the way, people began to use self-portraits not only just to capture moments of their lives, but also to refocus the way they viewed themselves. Nowadays, these self-portraits are called selfie. The term selfie was first used on Flickr in 2004, but it took almost a decade to reach the masses. According to Oxford Dictionary (2013), selfie is defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and uploaded to any social media website”. People now live in a time when sharing photos online is not only common but also an accepted pillar of someone’s digital identity. Every individual is easily captured by what is new with its surrounding. People are governed by things around him such as the social media. And technology is adapting this social trend of self-portraits to rule the world. In this growing generation, preteens and adolescents are now ruling the world. And the rise of selfie is a concrete proof.
Selfies are easy to do, yet they can also horribly ruin one’s life. In this study, the researchers want to know how taking selfies can change a person’s personality especially for the youngsters. To be specific, the researchers want to identify the potential harmful effects that may arise from sharing “selfie” in the social media. This study will provide brief description of the different significance of selfie as a way of expressing oneself or as a form of addiction which leads to narcissism. This study will help the students of the institute to be aware about the psychological facts of “selfie” and how it can affect them.

The researchers gathere...

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...ies with different online “friends” relates the positive and negative effects to the individual’s psychological behaviour and its relationships to other people. We also found out that photographs shared to particular others showed both a positive and negative effect in comparison to a general online ‘friends’. For example, partners sharing more photographs of family is may positively correspond to support, whereas partners sharing more photographs of friends is corresponds negatively to intimacy.
However, In order to fully understand the processes underlying the connection between photograph sharing and real life relationship quality, further research is required that may be consider the device used to view the photograph. For example, viewing a photograph from a smartphone in any environment could be more intrusional the viewing photograh from a desktop computer.

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