Essay on Relationship Between Science And Philosophy

Essay on Relationship Between Science And Philosophy

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What is, and what should be, the relationship between science and philosophy? Is philosophy just a parlor game played by armchair academics, or is it an essential foundation for human knowledge in general and for science in particular? Does science depend on philosophy? Does philosophy depend on science? 
Related readings that may be useful are the de Haro and Echenique-Robba PDFs below (Science and Philosophy: A Love-Hate Relationship and Shut up and let me think! Or why you should work on the foundations of quantum mechanics as much as you please).
The relationship between science and philosophy has always been subject to much debate and questioning. Do they even have a relationship? If they do, is it symbiotic or is it antagonistic? Or are they simply mutually exclusive topics that never mix unless we force them to? The answer to all of the rhetorical questions above is yes. It is safe to argue that philosophical theories and arguments of ancient philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, etc. are what spurned modern thought in newer age scientists such as Galileo, Newton and Copernicus. The two disciplines, however, branch out into several topics that don’t relate, but all branches need a tree and roots. That tree has a whole can be considered to be human knowledge, in the end all disciplines are connected somehow. There is a somewhat distinct difference, in science in order to get close to proving a theory, there must be some form of empirical evidence through experiments and those theories must be falsifiable. Contrastingly, in philosophy, the definition of a theory is mor abstract and how one proves it is determined by how the population receives the reasoning.
Despite their relationship, philosophy and science have been dr...

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...ct science only further contributed to the significance of philosophy, and only further exemplified how important is to scrutinize the relationship between the two disciplines. Science would cease to exist without philosophy because in science alone there are already implied philosophical concepts in the assumptions, theories, and scientific paradigms. Science uses philosophy to analyze those assumptions, ideas and experiments. The subject matter between science and philosophy are partly coinciding, distinctions in methodology and form only relevant in cases and are not frequent enough to consider the two disciplines disjoint. Most importantly, science needs philosophy to act as a vessel that connects scientific findings to the collective pool of human knowledge. Philosophy acts as the language that connects disciplines that seem to have no relevance to each other.

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