Essay on Relationship Between Resilience And The Supply Chain Management

Essay on Relationship Between Resilience And The Supply Chain Management

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Chapter 2. Literature Review
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between resilience and performance in the supply chain. The review of the literature includes SCM, SCRM, disruptions and vulnerabilities to the supply chain, supply chain resilience strategies and supply chain investment. The organization of the review flowed from broad categories to focused strategies to present resilience strategies within the wider perspective of SCM.
Supply Chain Management
Strategies to achieve resilience within the supply chain are elements within wider efforts of management within the supply chain. Supply chain management incorporates logistical functions, customer management, and organization among participants. The objective of SCM is to enhance efficiency in the movement of goods and product information from the manufacturer to customers (DiGiacomo & Patrizi, 2010). The broad area of supply chain management was a logical starting point for an examination of the literature focused on the nature of supply chain management and emerging key topics. Relevant topics in SCM add to understanding resilience.
Researchers concluded the application of improved SCM techniques led to increased performance, yet need to determine which techniques are most beneficial (Paulraj, Chen, & Lado, 2012). By collecting perceptions of 200 managers of US manufacturing companies, Paulraj et al. found three distinct clusters of SCM techniques, relational, transactional, and translational. There was no significant difference with cost element of performance, but SCM practices in the relational cluster leads to increased performance in non-cost elements, followed by translational and relational (Paulraj et al., 2012). This study highlighted the im...

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... reliable performance was one of the main attributes influencing the choice of logistics service providers (LSP) in the supply chain, and professionalism was not an essential factor. Hartmann and DeGrahl (2011) determined through analytical model that flexibility is a significant factor of customer loyalty for logistics service providers.
Supply chain security
Supply chain security is a subset of SCM. Speier et al. (2011) conducted a mixed methods study to determine key consideration supply chain design for security and product safety and found management compliance with standards, degree of complexity, risks to the good, and inter firm integration were key factors in the scope of security initiatives. Speier et al. also grouped security and safety initiatives into managing the following: security process, trusted providers, and partners and trading information.

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