The Relationship Between Religion and Ethics Essay

The Relationship Between Religion and Ethics Essay

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To answer this question, we must first understand what both ethics and morality are. As ethics is defined as the philosophical study of morality, those who study religion get their moral precepts from what they believe God says should be done. This perspective is not at all unexpected, because all religions apply a perspective on morality. Morality is defined as beliefs concerning right and wrong, good and bad- beliefs that can include judgements, values, rules, principles, and theories. Morals are what help us guide our actions, define our values, and give us reason for being the person that we are.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009, over 228 million Americans classified themselves as practicing some type of religion. Due to the fact that most believe that their religion is the basis of their morals and values, this number would then also represent the number of people in our country who associate religion and ethics.
The relationship between religion and ethics can be chronicled as how religion relates to the use of experience and critical reasoning to study morality. Many of those who practice religion believe that there is no need to understand why their religion believes in particular morals because all they need to know is what God says is morally correct. It doesn’t matter to them the reasoning behind why certain things are morally good, while other things are bad. This rejection of critical reasoning, however may prevent those who feel this way from truly understanding all the particulars of their own religion.
The three most predominant religions of our culture- Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all have commandments or principles that they provide to their followers or believers. These commandments or...

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...alues, judging other people’s actions, and questioning the righteousness of our own morals. Though depending on our religion or background we may all have different feelings and opinions about what is right and wrong, it is virtually impossible to go throughout one’s life without taking part in some sort of exploration into one’s own morals. Even though many of us may inherit our morals from our families or cultures, it is important that we explore why we believe what we feel is morally right or wrong, morally good or bad. Are the morals we get from our families truly our own? Have we been through enough life experiences to distinguish our own morals from those that have been pushed on us by our culture and society? Through exploring these feelings, we are able to make the best possible decisions for ourselves that will in turn determine the standards of our lives.

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