Relationship Between Parental Acceptance and Psychological Adjustment Essay

Relationship Between Parental Acceptance and Psychological Adjustment Essay

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This study showed that perceived parental acceptance (both mother and father) is related to adults’ psychological adjustment. These results are alike to those reported in past studies (Veneziano, 2000; Kim, 2008), giving supports to PARTheory premise about parental acceptance and adults’ outcomes (Rohner & Khaleque, 2002). This finding is also in accordance with previous studies in other cultural settings (Veneziano, 2000 and Lila, Garcia and Gracia, 2007)
When maternal and paternal acceptance were simultaneously entered into the multiple regression to examine the first hypothesis, which is to examined which parent’s warmth made more critical contribution to adults’ psychological adjustment, the results revealed that only perceived father acceptance made a significant prediction of adults’ psychological adjustment. This result is consistent with current study hypothesis and also finding from a past study (Hussain & Munaf, 2012b). Hussain and Munaf found that perceived father acceptance during childhood is a main influence of men and women psychological adjustment. Moreover, this result also provides support in Rohner and Veneziano (2001) literature review of the importance of father love. This result gives importance to father’s love and acceptance as being equally, or more important than mother’s love and acceptance on offspring outcomes. Although, studies have yet been unable to adequately provide explanation for the effects of father acceptance. There is a possibility that this effect may be due to the fact that adults perceive their father to have more power and control in the family compared to mother (Radin, 1981, as cited in Rohner & Veneziano, 2001). A study in Bangladesh conducted by Khaleque, Rohner & Shirin (2010) foun...

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...parent-child research. The findings also revealed that there is a positive correlation of perceived mother and perceived father acceptance on adults’ psychological adjustment, providing evidence for the direction and strength of the relationship of acceptance from parents and psychological adjustment. Adults’ perception of warm and accepting relationship with parents is important in maintaining their healthy psychological adjustment. Perceived high parental acceptance would results in overall better and healthier psychological adjustment and other attributes. More longitudinal studies should be conducted in parental acceptance research to find out the causality and effect of both mother and father love on psychological outcome of the offspring. It would also provide opportunity to observe the changes in associations between the study’s variables as adults mature.

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