The Relationship between Jump Rope Skills and Reading Proficiency Essay example

The Relationship between Jump Rope Skills and Reading Proficiency Essay example

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The effects of exercise on one’s health are well documented and encouraged by health organizations. However, effects of exercise and types of exercise on cognition, reading and standardized testing are less known. Many research studies have examined exercise and its influence on the brain, but often conflicting data has resulted. Brisswalter, Collardeau and Rene, have tried to identify reliable influential factors in their research on acute exercise and cognitive performance. Factors such as increased arousal, metabolic factors, attention strategies and humoral functions have been identified as factors within research. However, the authors further examined dynamics of exercise intensity, duration, complexity and fitness level and their effect on experimental outcomes. Identifying and controlling the exercise type and the cognitive tasks studied is imperative when developing meaningful research. The diversity in either exercise type or cognitive test type can perhaps explain many of the conflicting results in otherwise similarly designed experiments.
Exercise intensity was examined and found that simple perceptual tasks decrease at all ranges of intensity, yet complex tasks improve with intensity of exercise. Defining complexity of the cognitive tasks and level of exercise intensity is inconsistent across studies. Research studies support exercise lasting 20 minutes will achieve 40 to 60% of VO2max is consistent with higher cognitive performance. The proposed research using jump rope skills will reach the required intensity level in a much shorter time.
Another factor is the initial baseline physical fitness of the subject. The researchers suggest that this factor alone may result in problematic results in many exper...

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...the predicted correlation between rope jumping, the internal rhythm of reading and the ability to comprehend that reading.


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