Relationship Between Islamic Ethics And Ethical Frameworks Essays

Relationship Between Islamic Ethics And Ethical Frameworks Essays

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Relationship between Islamic Ethics and Ethical Frameworks
Ethics are the basis of the Islamic religion as followers use this system of moral principles to guide their actions, decisions and everyday life. The belief system of Islam offers certainty and direction as it provides a way of life. Ethical decision making is outlined clearly through teachings, values and relationships in the religion and this directs Muslims to choose the right actions in different circumstances. Ethical codes in the Islamic religion have been derived from sacred texts. These codes continue to be practiced by followers today as they were centuries ago through the guidance provided by ethical frameworks. The framework in which Islam aligns with is predominately deontology through worship for Allah however the desire to go to Paradise motivates Muslims to complete certain duties with a consequential approach. Ethical demands are pervasive in every aspect of a Muslim’s life and the source of these ethics originates from the readings in the Qur’an and Sunna.
Sacred texts provide a handbook for all that is deemed right and wrong of Muslims. The Qur’an, which Muslims believe to be the literal Word of Allah passed through the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad holds core beliefs and values (WhyIslam, 2011). They are molded from three key relationships that include the relationships with God, with one’s self and with the community (Engebretson & Elliot, 1997). There are six articles of faith outlined in the Qur’an and compile the doctrine of Islam. These include the belief in angels, Prophets of God, revealed Books of God, and the Day of Judgment, Destiny and the Divine Decree and finally the oneness of God (Mufti, 2013). One of six articles of faith and one...

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...vide the community with an ethical code of conduct. This code of conduct is seen in all dimensions of the religion, namely that of the doctrinal, ritual and ethical and legal. It is through the sacred texts of the Qur’an and Sunna that the religion is based on and that all beliefs and laws are derived from. The alignment of Islam with the consequential and deontology framework provides insight into the structure of Islam and the motivation that underpins a Muslim’s ethical decision making. The notion that one must follow the Word of Allah or he/she will be punished when Judgment Day arrives supports the links between the frameworks and Islam. This key concept, along with their other beliefs, values and ethical codes has been prevalent in Islam for centuries, ever since the revelations of Prophet Muhammad, and will continue to be practiced the same in the future.

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