Relationship Between Identity And Language Essay

Relationship Between Identity And Language Essay

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The relationship amongst identity and language will dependably include an complicated blend of individual, social and political variables which work to build individuals as having a place with a social gathering, or to avoid them from it. In the readings, different examples are pointed of identity as we see a mother fighting to keep her daughter 's identity alive, in another you see how learning a new language how affected poorly on a family and finally Mr. Li, from crazy English who has helped many individuals with their language difficulty.
Firstly, In the article “Girl fights to use unapproved name “language is visible as a name is a huge part of language and for each religion it is differently spelled, pronounced and the way it 's given to a child. Name is a main part of language and it is the main part of a person’s identity. However, in the article, “Girl fights to use unapproved name” Baler’s right of her identity is being taken away from her. However, Baler’s mom Eidsdottir is supporting language and identity for her daughter 's as she is stopping at nothing to keep her daughter name alive as it was never her fault to begin with and not just that but feels its not harming anyone and hopes fighting for it will pay off. Moreover, every person is conceived a similar way and encounters similar stages in life. The distinction, be that as it may, is the earth in which every individual grows up and the dialect to which he/she gets to be adjusted to. This makes characters of a specific language, varying this individual from another. Language and identity are connected, where there is language there is an identity sadly in Iceland there are certain names you are not allowed to have and it may be for other countries too but if a c...

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...l overcome the fear of pronouncing something wrong in English, shouting English helped people become better in the second language and have helped them be a step closer to better future and career. His language skills have also given him an identity that he is known by world wide, students believe he could help them teach English and that’s why students would pay so much just to attend his English class.

In conclusion, Language and identity play a huge role in everybody life. In all the readings, this semester, it is viewed how each individuality has affected a language. Wither it’s a mother fighting for identity through language to keep her name, Rodriguez who is trying to establish a identity as a family in a new country with a new language and last but not least a famous identity Mr. Li, using his language skills to provide for people the knowledge of English.

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