Essay on Relationship Between Identity And Academic Achievement

Essay on Relationship Between Identity And Academic Achievement

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Identity Approach.
The notion of self-identity is significant in foreign language learning. The relationship between identity perception and academic achievement had been discussed in previous literature Identity approach in language learning is controlled by the teaching environment, students` perceptions about the learning and teacher`s identity and response to the students` identity too. Identity means the person`s self-beliefs and ideas, which may differ from one relational context to another privately and publically (Taylor, 2013a, forthcoming). Individuals interact in social contexts to meet certain expectations, such as teacher-student, peer-group interactions. Social roles and expectations are clearly acknowledged in these contexts (Taylor, 2013b, forthcoming). Ochs, (2008) stated that language is the main vehicle of self expression (Ochs, 2008). Importantly, learning a new language means learning a new identity ((Lightbown and Spada, 2006; Pavlenko and Lantolf, 2000). It is important to point that social environment influences identity processes especially in foreign language contexts (Goldstein, 1997; McKay and Wong, 1996; Norton, 2000; Pavlenko and Lantolf, 2000).
Self motivation system was investigated by Dörnyei’s (2009), who followed previous researchers such as (Markus& Nurius (1986) and Higgins (1987) who studied self-discrepancy, which has three components: The ideal L2 self, the ought-to L2 self and the L2 learning experience (Higgins, 1987). The strongest component is the ideal L2 self, which Higgins (1987) describes as the strongest motivator to learn L2. Higgins justifies his belief as our desire yearns it reduce the gap and discrepancy between the actual and the ideal self (Dörnyei, 2009, p. 29). Other stud...

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...learners` identities can feel threatened, ignored or vunerable due to identity issues ( Nelson, 2009).
Identity & Language Teaching
It is important for teachers to understand the complexities of their students` identities in a non final position. Students` identities can be a viable assessment and resource for diversity in classroom teaching practices and approaches. Learners can vary in the range of identities position in the way they can express themselves verabally and, in addition to writing . Through opportunities, engagement and iteractions, identities develop and grow poisytively and constructively (Mohan, Leung & Davison 2002; Tsui & Tollefson 2007; McKinney & Norton 2008; Lo Bianco, Orton & Gao 2009; Blackledge & Creese 2010). Additionally, teachers should focus on silent marginalized students and seek suitable perspectives innovatively and professionally.

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