Relationship Between Human Resources Management And Human Resource Development

Relationship Between Human Resources Management And Human Resource Development

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This essay discusses the relationship existing between Human resources

management and human resources development. Furthermore it explains about

learning, change and quality management; and the process in which organisational

change can be tackled through learning and development. Also, the terms Learning

& development and Human resource development is been used interchangeably.

Human resources management (HRM) and Human resources development


Ever since the origin of the concept of HRM, it is known to have taken care of the

basic and administrative personnel management activities in an organisation.

However, in this Modern era it involves in more than just recruitment and staffing, it

is further relevant to the Employee relations, compensation and rewards

management, strategic planning, performance management etc. (McLagan’s model)


Human resources development is defined as “a series of organized activities

conducted within a specific time and designed to produce behavioural change”

(Nadler, 1970). Nowadays, HRD deals with training and development, organisational

design and development, career development (McLagan’s model) (Mankin,2009)

The link between HRM and HRD

During the initial period, HRM overlooked all the activities pertaining to the

employees of an organisation. Later came the industrial revolution, when training

gained popularity and became the key feature of the organisations (Clark, 1999).

Though training has ceased to exist throughout the human history, The term training

has been defined as “A planned process to modify attitude, knowledge or skill

behaviour through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity

or range of activitie...

... middle of paper ...


an organisation, this involves in effectively planning and efficiently implementing

close-knit programmes that will aid the changes. In addition, the HR professional

must take rigorous measures to keep the employee motivated and involved

throughout the change process, also one must pitch in extra effort to extensively

communicate with the external stakeholders so that there will be uninterrupted flow

of information pertaining to the change (Harrison, 2009; CIPD 2004)


To conclude, HRD and HRM are very distinct but are very closely related. They co-

exist, one cannot exist without each other. To concern with Learning and

development and change provides the best ways to tackle the problems arising from

organisational change. In my view , not only tackle the problem from organisational

change but also provides us with best solution to the issue.

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