Essay about The Relationship Between Grit And High Achievement

Essay about The Relationship Between Grit And High Achievement

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There’s two characteristics that show others how successful one will be. In addition, everyone’s heresy is that it’s IQ’s, social intelligence, good health, or physical looks, but they’re wrong. It’s neither of those things, it’s G.R.I.T. and growth mindsets. Grit means to have growth to have tenacity. Growth mindsets mean to be able to accept failure, and not blame others for things that were under their control. Having grit and growth mindset are two characteristics that will help one achieve in academics, personal life, and career.
Having grit and growth mindset will help one achieve in academics. In an interview, Angela Lee Duckworth was asked how one of her studies showed the relationship between grit and high achievement and she said ¨...grit was the best predictor of which cadets would stick around through that first difficult summer. It was a much better predictor than the Whole Candidate Score, which West Point at the time thought was their best predictors of success” (Para 7). In making this comment, Angela Lee Duckworth proves to us that test scores don’t show how smart, strong, or determined you are. One can be having a bad testing day and get an unexpected score even if they’re smart. This school year there’s been times where I’ve put myself down, or telling myself that I’m never going to pass the power trip we’re taking in math. I get frustrated since we’ve taken it twice and I’ve been close to passing but haven’t. The only reason is that I don’t study as much as I need to in order to pass it. I recognize that it’s my fault and that I’m responsible for trying hard enough. Recognizing one’s error is the part of becoming successful. The tests we take do not prove how intelligent, dedicated or how successful one’s goi...

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...ccupation, but he knew that being in the medical field was something that he really wanted to do and instead of giving up he worked hard to get through the years. Now he went back to school to get his masters degree and is working at a hospital. He was passionate and dedicated to his work knowing that this was going to be his career in the future and didn’t give up. It was all because he had grit and a growth mindset that helped him get through all the schooling and become a doctor.
Having grit and growth mindset are some qualities that everyone should have. By having those two qualities it helps many people succeed in ways like in academics, personal life, and career. Grit and growth mindset means to not give up and keep trying and pass any obstacle that is in your way. The people who have these two qualities usually achieve in academics, personal life, and career.

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