The Relationship Between Government And Economy On The Government Essay example

The Relationship Between Government And Economy On The Government Essay example

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The market is an area in which freedom is given to the individual skills of each person to provide and enforce their product through strategies, whether advertising or with other individuals in order to get support and get a better standard of living. The government is usually the authorities to direct, control and administer the state institutions, which is driving the policy or exercise of state power. In broad terms, the government is that structure that holds various state activities, commonly called branches of government. The role of government in the economy, in this is the relationship between government and economy, the objectives and obligations that the government plays the role occupied within the state, advantages and disadvantages, and their problems and investments made to through its projects.

Government in general, are the authorities that direct, control and administer the state institutions which is driving the policy or exercise of state power. Strictly speaking, it is usually understood that the body (which may be formed by a President or Prime Minister and a variable number of Ministers) to which the Constitution or the fundamental law of a State attributes the function or executive power and exercises political power over society. The government is not the same as the state, is linked to it by the power element. The government spends, changed and transformed, while the state remains the same. In that sense, the government is all the governing bodies of a state through which state power is expressed through the legal system. It can be analyzed from three perspectives: as actors, as a set of functions, or their institutions. Economics is the social science that studies the social relations that have to...

... middle of paper ... no control mechanisms on the amounts invested and millionaires that will be invested in infrastructure. Both the teachers unions and parents of students and the media have access to that information. It is important that the administrative and investment transparency is guaranteed; but further democratize decisions; parents and teachers should participate in decisions. European exports and imports are diverted from America to Europe. Although trade by eliminating customs is created inside the Union, moreover, to be a, sometimes high, external tariff trade from the outside is distorted.

In analyzing the issue it was reached the conclusion that the government plays an important role in the economy and that he is responsible for most of the economic activities carried out and is the only one who makes decisions on investments higher in the country 's economy.

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