Essay on The Relationship Between Geography And History

Essay on The Relationship Between Geography And History

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I deeply agree with Jared Diamond’s ideas on the relationship between geography and history. Geography has had a lot to do with the way early civilizations grew and developed over the course of history. In this essay, I will explain in detail how and why certain civilizations grew quickly. Through my studying and interest in history I can see that it’s very clear that certain civilizations grew faster than others based on geographical location. There is a strong and clear link between geographical location and the history of early civilizations.
Agriculture and geography are very closely linked. In our modern civilization with advanced agricultural innovations, geography no longer plays as large of a role. In arid climates, crops can grow with the right irrigation systems and are now much more predictable with pesticides and genetic engineering. In ancient times however, if the landscape wasn’t farmable, it generally stayed that way. Irrigation has been around since 6000 BC but generally depended on the flooding of nearby river systems.
The area between the Tigris and Euphrates River was known by the Greeks as Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was located in the heart of the Fertile Crescent, an extremely abundant area of land in between Iran, Northern India, and Asia Minor. The Fertile Crescent is known by many as the birthplace or cradle of civilization. With two main rivers running through its center, depositing rich silt, and “…an unusually high percentage of wild plants suitable for domestication” , Mesopotamia was ideal for Neolithic peoples to farm on much larger scales. These larger scales were able to support larger populations and thus Mesopotamia emerged as one of the first civilizations.
Roughly 11 ½ thousand years ago, a...

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...fferent than that of the other two civilizations however. Large mountain ranges and vast deserts surround much of China and thus protected them from enemies. It’s “often arid and forbidding landscape is a dominant feature of Chinese life and has played a significant role in Chinese history.”
Eventually, the expansive growth of these civilizations made them targets to warfare and brought down their empires many times over but in the beginning, they grew because of geographical luck. Geography has the power to make or break the growth of humans. Without the advantages of geography, we could never feed the growing population. Without the disadvantages, humans would quickly use up the resources of our planet. The scary part is that, with technology, we are starting to get around the disadvantages of geography and are taking advantage of what the world has to offer us.

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