The Relationship Between Gender, Conflict and Violence Essay

The Relationship Between Gender, Conflict and Violence Essay

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The relationship between gender, conflict and violence is a particular issue that hits home to me having spent six months last year working in Iraq with a local NGO and UNHCR working with incoming Syrian Refugees and in particular undertaking project development for Combatting sexual and gender based violence (GBV) within Iraqi Kurdistan. The effects of conflict on women, and violence being imposed on women within conflict zones is one that needs to be discussed, promulgated, advocated for and addressed deeply within the crux of development programmes and equally by national governments alike particularly those affected by conflict/war, post-conflict and fragility. It is only through shedding light on the atrocities which are/have been occurring as a mechanism will it assist in combatting the continuance of the very behavior which incites it. The gendered nature of conflict typically explores the different levels across national and social spaces, and examines the relation of conflict to state power and state regimes with a focus on gender. According to El-Jack (2003) armed conflict perpetuates inequalities between men and women that already existed prior to conflict arising. For the purpose of this essay I shall discuss the impact of armed conflict on men and women and gender relations. Recognizing and addressing these issues is crucial to the establishment of a more sustainable gender-equitable society post-conflict. This paper will identify that both men and women experience conflict differently and that the transition of conflict from conventional to unconventional warfare has perpetuated new and distinct issues, which can have significant effects on gender relations.

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...nable fashion which can impact post-conflict, peace-building and peacemaking processes. The promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women; is crucial to achieving sustainable equitable development, particularly in relation to conflict resolution, post-conflict peacemaking and peace-building. Academic research has determined that gender equality and women’s empowerment is vital to improving economic, social and political conditions; and that these elements greatly assist in reducing poverty and encourage economic growth. This can be done by negotiating strategies and policies going forward seeking participation and involvement within reintegration processes, security sector reform processes and through the establishment of women’s protection mechanisms through state government and across civil-society to address and respond efficiently and effectively.

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