The Relationship Between Gender And Language Use Essay

The Relationship Between Gender And Language Use Essay

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The Relationship between Gender and Language Use.
Besides cultural views of gender, language is a constitution of gender identities among individuals. Gender can easily be created through talk while communication practices used by people allow them to be defined as either masculine or feminine. Because language constitutes both masculinity and femininity, it is essential to find general variation when it comes to communication between men and women. More often than not, members of the two genders at one point or another have felt misunderstood by the opposite gender during the discussion. Research documents the disparities between men and women verbal behavior.
Cole indicates that there is a difference between males and female managers when it comes to the handling disciplinary cases among the unionized employees, (Cole, 254-79). In his argument, Cole indicated that there was a relationship between the ten developmental factors and expertise ratings of fairness that were disciplined. The female managers displayed more commitment in discussing disciplinary cases compared to their male counterparts. Female managers were in a better position to properly execute disciplinary cases as they portrayed better leadership and communication techniques. He even suggested that methods that needs to be adopted in the execution of disciplinary matters.
Colston concur with Cole and add that the difference in gender also has a role in the use of verbal irony which occurs when passing information, (Colston, 289-306). They add that during communication; the males are prone to using verbal metaphors, unlike the females who prefer to use simple and direct language which is easy to understand. It can be a major contributor to the excellent conducting ...

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...topic of discussion. There was a difference in pronunciation and intonation when using different words. Finally, Xia adds that the use of vocabularies was subject to a deeper knowledge of the language in use (Xia, 1485-1490). The words chosen were to enhance how the audience understood the particular topic of discussion.
To sum it up, there is a difference in the use of language by both males and females. When females display a better command of language and have a connect with the audience, the males will use more words to ensure the audience understand the content. On the other hand, the females and males portray similarities when it comes to the use of tentative language as well as non-verbal communication such as when nodding to professors in class. All in all, communication is essential since it allows the transfer of information from one individual to another.

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