Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship Essay examples

Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship Essay examples

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Friendship is central to one’s life because friends it can contribute towards shaping someone’s personality as well contribute to who we want to be in the contemporary society. Aristotle agreed in his Book VIII of the "Nichomachean Ethics" that friendship exists in three broader forms: friendship based on utility, that based on a shared appreciation of the good, and that based on pleasure (Percival, 2015). Similarly, Cicero, the Roman philosopher who lived in a different time and place, contended in his writing that "On Friendship": "Let us, then, lay down this law for friendship: we must not ask wrongful things, nor do them, if we are asked to" (Mews, 2009). These two cases of these ancient philosophers perceived relationships based on something other than one based on shared commitment to and appreciation to life of virtue as corrupt and eventually unstable forms of friendship. But such kinds of relationships rarely do exist in our contemporary world.
Today’s fate of friendship hangs loose on the “merciful” balance of utility. Even in the obvious situation like in social media, most relationships are based on give and take kind of exchange. We have witnessed various kinds of relationships that are based on class groupings, race, sexual preferences, politics, spirituality, and even on work environment. This write-ups advances the fate of relationships based on social media, politics, and class.
Social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others has altered the nature of friendship. These social media platforms have only created a false sense of intimacy. Having many followers does not mean that someone has many friends. Friendship requires great deal of communication and time (Van Dijck, 2013). Social media s...

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...hip gives confidence for the future.
Aquinas finally sees selfless love for a person as a foundation for true friendship (McEvoy, 2009). However, he feels that for a true friendship to exist there ought to be common areas between the people who form such relationship. Still on his view of friendship, Aquinas revised some of Aristotle’s definition of friendship, thus making the definition of friendship to include instances of friendship between unequal persons, such as that of a man and God. But, his broader interpretation of friendship created a room for a great degree of disagreement due to absence of mutual understanding and inequality among friends.
To conclude, friendship provides to us a more dimensional way of gauging ourselves and the world we live in, thus expanding our thinking on the meaning of life. But we must embrace the morals that governor friendship.

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