Relationship Between European Geography and its History Essay

Relationship Between European Geography and its History Essay

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How has the geography of Europe helped to shape its rich history? The diverse geography of Europe includes many winding rivers, rigid mountains, and vast plains. All of these figures of geography play an important role in the occurrence of important historical events in Europe. The political geography of the continent also plays an important role. Perhaps it plays an even greater role than the physical geography in some cases. The ever changing political geography of Europe is responsible for the creation of several landlocked countries, and the formation of serious tension between governments. Some of the most important events in European history might have never occurred if Europe’s geography were any different or had not changed so much throughout time. No matter what the obstacle, Europeans have been able to overcome just about anything.

Europe, itself, is nothing but a giant peninsula that is connected to the landmass of Eurasia. Europe is very diverse in physical geography. It has rivers throughout the entire continent that provided borders and defense to countries. The rivers also act as a means for transportation that have contributed to the economic and cultural geography of Europe. The continent is also very rich in mountain ranges which have isolated certain countries, allowing them to develop their own unique cultures. These mountains also, like rivers, provide a natural defense to countries. In Eastern Europe, vast plains can be found. These plains contribute to the large farming industry of Eastern Europe. However, even though these features have their advantages, there is a downside to them too. The mountains and rivers isolate many countries. This restricted the trading of goods and ideas, ultimately stumping ...

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...f the new country negatively. Sometimes new governments the reacted negatively resulted in more political and cultural problems, like the former Yugoslavia, and ended up creating a never ending cycle do to ever changing boundaries.

In a land of diverse and harsh physical geography and complex political geography, people have evolved into brighter, more modern people over time. The people of Europe are learning to overcome every obstacle in their path to create the greatest union in the world. The have overcome the barriers of rocky mountains and winding rivers, political tension, and so much more. Of course, there is surely more tension to come, but the Europeans will overcome that too eventually. The geography of Europe is absolutely crucial for everything important that has happened there and still lingers in society not only in Europe, but all over the world.

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