Relationship Between Electronic Dance Music And Drug Use Among Youth Essay

Relationship Between Electronic Dance Music And Drug Use Among Youth Essay

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The connection or the relationship between Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and drug use among youth and examining the ways drug culture is influenced by EDM and vice versa.
In all parts of the world, clubs and festivals have been used as safe haven for the abuse and trafficking of illegal drugs. Drug traffickers find entertainment joint to be the safest places the conduct their illegal trades. In addition, most events take place during the night; therefore, provides a darkness cover for the illegal trade to continue without the interruption of the authorities. The presence of drugs in entertainment joints has made illegal drug use to be part of the entertainment itself. Visitors are always tempted to use the drug since the drugs are readily available (Miller et al 644). In addition, the tendency of persons to go as a group leading to peer pressure that introduces new users into drug abuse.
There is a connection between Electronic Dance Music and drug use among youths. The electronic dance music (EDM) started in Ibiza Island and spread all over the world. Young people between the age of 18 and 35 years participate actively in the functions offered by the rave and clubs (Miller et al. 639). In most of the functions, the youths attend in groups making them vulnerable to peer pressure, where they are encouraged to do act collectively. As a result, friends introduce each other in the usage of illegal substance that is always available in the clubs and bars. As the visitors dance to the music, some of them indulge in the use of the drugs in a bid to enjoy their moments. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is associated with the frequency of visiting clubs and bars (Mooney, Linda, Knox and Schacht 93). As individuals visit th...

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...upper-class youth who are engaged in drug culture behaviors in rave parties. Fendrich and colleagues (2003) also note that ecstasy drugs provides a particularly easy gateway to other club drugs in cities like Chicago, although going to clubs frequently is not associated with taking drugs on regular basis. Sensation seeking is the primary reason behind taking club drugs, and the culture of EDM helps to provide easy access to these drugs.
Miller, Holder and Voas created a model of environmental strategies to prevent the increased risk of drug use in clubs. They note that EDM clubs serve as a major attraction arena to youth from 18-25 years of age, as well as drug use of various kinds, explicitly considering this act for being extremely dangerous and leading to hazardous behavior such as reckless driving under the influence of drugs, sexual risk taking and more.

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