The Relationship Between Crime Rates And Police Efficiency

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According to a study regarding relationships between crime rates and police efficiency, the average efficiency for the timeframe studied is 84%. The study considered three theories when reviewing the relationship. The first was the Strain Theory, which deals with societal structures exerting pressure to commit property crimes to acquire symbols of wealth. The second is the Social Disorganization Theory, which links crime with neighborhoods or geographical areas. This theory does not account for individual differences or similarities. Finally, the Economic Theory of Crime, which focuses on criminal activity as a rational choice where criminals receive benefits from the activity. Reduce the benefit and prevention of the criminal activity may occur. A person engages in criminal activity because the reward or monetary income outweighs the probability of arrest and conviction. Density in population, unemployment rate also contribute toward the effect of crime and police efficiency. According to the authors, the focus needs to be on addressing the at-risk youth (Javier Parra Dominquez, 2013). For Overland Park, I would surmise, the economic theory of crime is the primary motivation. The vast majority of our criminal activity involves the youth and transit criminals. Overland Park, Kansas is located southwest of Kansas City, Missouri. We are part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Overland Park is the third largest city in the state of Kansas, with close to 190,000 residents. During the day, our population balloons to nearly one quarter of million people. We are an affluent city with our median income of $69,759. However, eighteen percent earn less than $30,000 per year (, n.d.). We are the retail destination in the... ... middle of paper ... ...e an educational component to preventing thefts from occurring. We have distributed “If I were thief” fliers in retail parking lots, apartment communities and school parking lots. We have worked with local businesses such as QuikTrip and 7-11 to post bulletins at the doors to remind patrons to turn their cars off when they leave the car unattended. However, these efforts do not seem to affect the number of incidents. Although we have successfully cleared cases and made arrests on a number of related thefts, are we doing enough? As an agency, we meet each month to discuss current trends and share available intelligence on potential responsible individuals. Currently, detectives are clearing close to 20% of the auto theft cases, 6% shy from last year. This is above the national average of 12% reported by the FBI in 2008 (Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], 2009).

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