Relationship Between Crime Rates And Age Essay

Relationship Between Crime Rates And Age Essay

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In today’s society, a person is judged by their actions and their age. Some actions are more acceptable at different ages. For example, if a four year old stole something, they would not be punished to the same extent as a sixteen year old. There is a relationship between crime rates and age. In relation to other age groups, adolescents are more likely to commit crime. Offending increases in adolescence and peaks in the late teenage years and then starts to decrease as a person ages. Shulman, Steinberg and Piquero (2013) found that, “rates of offending rise and fall between ages 12 and 24 with the highest proportion of offending occurring at age 15” (p. 853). This study was mostly compromised of property offenses, which usually peak earlier compared to violent crimes. They also wanted to see if economic status was the actual reason for the peak of crime in adolescence since people of that age are poorer compared to adults, as a study conducted by Brown and Males stated. Shulman et al. (2013) determined that economic status was only minimally associated with the increase in crime rates around adolescence. The researchers believe that age is not the only factor that influences offending, suggesting that impulsivity, antisocial peers and economic disadvantage can also influence offending rates.
Kelly (2010) presented the claim that exposure to community violence can be a predictor of adolescents’ use of violence. Gang violence is prevalent in many cities because there are 24,000 active gangs within the United States. Kelly (2010) states that “most gang violence is committed against… adolescents aged 12-19” (p. 61). Seeing this violence within their community or especially being victimized can lead to the internalizing of the seen ...

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...tal when most elderly offenders do not pose a large risk to the community. The elderly have the lowest rate of recidivism, with only around one percent offending again. Those are some of the reason as to why elderly offenders may receive leniency.
Overall, criminal activity increases and peaks during adolescence and decreases as adulthood begins. There are a number of reasons for this, some being association with antisocial peer and less social ties to the community. Most people will eventually age out of crime, but some continue to offender. A few will actually have their first offense in adulthood. Even the elderly still commit crimes; look at Bernard Madoff. Usually, the elderly are granted more leniency toward their punishments for offending. Crime is prevalent in the majority of age groups within society, adolescents having the highest amount of crime rates.

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