Essay on Relationship between Consumerism and Socio-Economy

Essay on Relationship between Consumerism and Socio-Economy

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Relationship between Consumerism and Socio-Economy
There have been numerous subjects of living in a contemporary society of consumers. These subjects mostly relevant to accumulation of goods by consumers, and its negative effects against sustainability. Sustainability covers all of the vital subjects of problems of contemporary society. To illustrate, climate change, global warming, dispute among countries, and consumerism. There are many solutions for preventing catastrophes of these issues, but one of them is related to this century, which is relation between consumerism and socio-economy. While it has been argued that consumerism has some advantages, it is harmful because it leads to people living a lonely lifestyle, it results in chronic economic crises, and individuals might be victim of capitalist lifestle that promotes sheer greed.
One of the most significant reasons about consumerism is, it leads to people living a lonely lifestyle. Initially, there is numerous scientific evidence which proves the issue why materialism makes people live lonely. First of all, there was research about that, which has examined connection between dynamics of materialism and loneliness by some scientist. The result is that materialism contributes to lonely lifestyle; furthermore, it differs among particular subtypes of materialism(PIETERS,2013). For example, valuable possessions for humans like ipods, laptops, computer games have leading a loneliness, because they spare their times for them more than social activities like interaction with others or having fun outside. Therefore, people need to improve their communication skills for preventing loneliness. Secondly, in consume...

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...capitalist lifestyle because of their sheer greed. Despite all of these negative issues, people must conserve their hopes.

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