The Relationship between China and India Essay

The Relationship between China and India Essay

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The historical relationship between India and China has been ambivalent at best. Plagued by border disputes and economic competition, the countries have long fostered feelings of animosity towards one another. Recently however, both sides have made concerted efforts to improve relations recognizing that coöperation offers economic and political advantages. In May, Indian and Chinese officials issued a joint statement affirming their resolve to further improve their relations through increased economic and cultural exchanges (Bagri). In addition however, India has also called on China to lower their non-tariff-barriers in order to enable India to reduce its growing trade deficit to China (Dasgupta). Although China and India have many conflicting interests, the interests that they share are the ones that can facilitate mutually beneficial coöperation (Principle #1 Morrow). The countries’ perception of one another is also critical to brokering an agreement and ultimately how they perceive one another will be the determinate of whether or not coöperation is feasible (Principle #4 Morrow).
China and India clearly have some interests in conflict. For one, both would like access to disputed territory, located in the Himalayan Mountains, that both countries have claimed rightfully belongs to them. Additionally, the states’ hold conflicting ideologies (Democracy v. Communism) that both would like to promote and also differ in that each would like to gain as much as possible from trade, regardless of how detrimental it would be to the other state. Finally, the states’, and more specifically their leaders, have political incentives to protect domestic industries and workers because although doing so may impede the maximum efficiency poss...

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