Relationship Between Baby And Mothers Essay

Relationship Between Baby And Mothers Essay

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For a baby to have healthy development they must have healthy relationships. These relationships change as the baby grows and will affect them through their entire lifespan. (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000) The first of these relationships is the bond between the baby and their primary caregiver, usually the mother. We call this bond attachment. The quality of this attachment may affect the baby’s entire life. If a baby develops a secure attachment they are likely to grow into healthy adults. Attachment becomes secure when the parent responds to the baby in a warm and consistent manner. (The Baby Human: To Belong, 2003)
In healthy, early relationships the baby and caregiver interact and learn about each other. As they learn about each other, life becomes easier and both are rewarded for their efforts. (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000) The Ecological Systems Theory explains, the relationships in a baby’s life are the catalyst for their development. The more positive interactions the baby has, with those around it, the more interactions it will want to have. Every one of these encounters encourages further growth. The baby will use what they learn to keep those around them actively involved so they will continue to have experiences to learn from. (Berk, 2011)
Babies will use interactions and communications with adults to achieve their goals. The quality of these interactions and communications will affect the baby’s ability to achieve these goals. Babies learn very easy to signal their needs and desires. They may turn away, smile or cry to express their needs or desires. The caregiver should be the one to adjust their behavior to the baby and never expect the baby to adjust to them. The more consistent the ca...

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...ach. (The Baby Human: To Walk, 2003) Babies move into and out of different phases throughout their entire development. Each new phase of development builds on the last and inspires the next.
As discussed, a baby’s development is an ongoing, fluid set of experiences and skill acquisition that allows the goal-oriented baby to grow into an altogether different child. Babies take an active, driven role in this development. They use their movement and interaction with their environment to accomplish this amazing growth. However, they are dependent on their caregivers for the fulfillment of their basic needs and how these needs are met will directly impact the way they will interact with others in their lives. Whether babies are seen as going through set stages or as experiencing constant growth one thing is clear the growth they experience is monumental.

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