The Relationship Between Anxiety And Anxiety Essay

The Relationship Between Anxiety And Anxiety Essay

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The thought of putting an end into a relationship may be difficult because the one certain person can truly be the love of one’s life; however, is it not worth it to be sad all the time and it is not worth it to spend all the time putting in an effort into a relationship that is not going to last. Not to mention that the individual is suffering in the relationship from anxiety because their mindset automatically takes them to overthink the situation . There are multiple actions that trigger the individual mentally and physically because the unsupportiveness, the dishonesty, and the never ending negativity towards one another or the negative vibe that cannot seem to get rid of. Teenagers go through a tough time to maintain their relationship, which means the relationship is worth fighting for. The relationship is worthwhile, but it is not for long. Teens need to recognize the deeper they fall into a unhealthy relationship, there’s no going back; henceforth feelings get hurt.
Cheating is never a healthy sign, even if it is not their intention to do it. Cheating takes time to to rebuild the connection, but it is possible to turn the relationship around. In addition, “ The trick is to avoid this pitfall in the first place”(Goldsmith). This goes towards marriage and young love who are in this situation. The individual cheat because the affection slowly fades away. The love are not really there any more, eyes begin to wander off onto someone new that can potentially be the “one” all over again. The lose of interest and curiosity will shift to experiencing new things. There should be no effort put into cheating, it is a disgrace to the love community.
Jealousy is the crucial part of the relationship; made up of tiny components that c...

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...loneliness will take them to a dark place to not trust nobody that are trying to help. The pain they feel are unbearable to deal with; with that being the case, teenagers may potentially feel guilty because their excessive thinking jumps to conclusion where their state of mind is affecting their moods in to depression thus “In particular, there is recognition that repeated dwelling on the self, mood, and difficulties, is a key aspect of thinking in depression” (Watkins, Edward) alternatively their personality will change. Besides this, teenagers get obsessive on social media to check up on their previous boyfriend or girlfriend because they feel the necessity to know what they are doing and where they go to. Although, some might take this to the extreme that anger starts to build up; not to mention, they do this 24/7 because some don’t take their break up very well.

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