The Relationship Between Anarchism And Markets On Human Nature, Social Vision And Political Strategy

The Relationship Between Anarchism And Markets On Human Nature, Social Vision And Political Strategy

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Anarchism is known as an ideology of a different social order built on freedom, independence and unlimited by manmade law; the principle that all types of government place on violence, and are thus immoral, destructive and pointless (Goldman, 2002, pp.254). On the other hand, markets means a group of demanders and suppliers of product or service and the organization or arrangement by which they come together to trade (Hubbard et al. 2012, pp.382). In this piece of writing, this essay will argue that markets and anarchism are not incompatible, in other words, that is, markets and anarchism are compatible. In order to support the argument, this essay will discuss the similarities between anarchism and markets in relations to human nature, social vision and political strategy.
According to the analysis, there are diverse perspectives related to the compatibility of market economy and anarchism due to its impacts on the society in relations to both optimistic and pessimistic perspectives. The supporters of ‘markets and anarchism are incompatible’ believe that market economy itself encourages private ownership of the means of production (Lipton et al. 1990, pp. 78). In other words, it means that factories, sweatshops and mills are all possessed by private owners. As system operates, the society is polarised in classes and the workers have to work for owners in exchange for wages. This operation creates a system where owners exercise different powers on the workers. Thus, workers are controlled by owners. In other words, there is no freedom or independence as suggested by anarchism philosophy.
In contrast, in this paragraph, the essay argues that anarchism and markets are compatible because they both have the belief that s...

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...uld initiate power and acting as controllers in this structure (Miller, 1984, pp.52). In fact, it seems that the elimination of control from government (Anarchism) and the elimination of regulations to transaction and free trade (market economy) complement each other effectively. Anarcho-Capitalism is an integration of crucial extreme freedom and self-determination with that of extreme economic freedom (Walicki, 1979, pp.54). At the beginning of the systems, market economy and anarchism commences with the theory of freedom for all individuals and; the principle that all types of government place on violence, and are thus immoral, destructive and pointless. The anarchism and market economy both focus on maximizing freedom for individuals by eliminating political power and violence. Thus, the essay strongly argues that market economy is compatible with anarchism.

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