Relationship betweem Ethical Leadership, Employee Well Being, and Helping

Relationship betweem Ethical Leadership, Employee Well Being, and Helping

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The purpose of the study is to identify that whether ethical leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM), employee helping and the well-being. The researchers are interested in the relationship between the ethical leadership, employee well-being, and helping. Well-being is a combination of arousal and pleasure and illustrates an affective state ( Warr, 1987). Also, human resource management (HRM) that typically includes selection, training, teamwork, performance appraisal, and rewards ( Sun, Aryee, & Law, 2007). There are three reasons why researchers conducted this research. First, based on the Conservation of Resources (COR) Theory ( Hobfoll, 1989), job resources enhance well-being ( Salanova, Agut, & Peiro, 2005). The researcher suggested that ethical leaders provide job resources such as the emotional support, therefore, ethical leadership relates positively to employee well-being. Researchers conducted this research so as to prove that ethical leadership relates to employee well-being. Second, there are many studies lately have researched that ethical leadership relates to organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs)(e.g Walumbwa et al.,2011), however, research has not yet examined well-being as a possible mediator. Thus, researchers added HRM as a moderator of the ethical leadership and well-being relationship and subsequently on helping behavior in order to improve the accuracy. Third, the research just focuses on the relationship between ethical leadership and in-role performance or OCBs at the moment. However, related leadership style such as ethical leadership, could also affect employee well-being, yet the research on this topic is lacking. Therefore, the researchers wanted to conduct this research to investigate the ...

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...ave their own company culture or own point of view which others may not understand, therefore, there will be some difference in the result. Moreover, respondents had different tasks and goals, which may have affected the study variables. Although analyses showed no significant effects for country and sector, future research may use a more focused setting to replicate the findings. The study can included the cultural fair test in order to eliminate the discrimination of different culture. Third, the disadvantages of rating scales are that the evaluator may rank based on their perception. Sometime although those who interpret the result use objective methods, the evaluators may rate the subject based on their opinions or prejudices without basing them on fact. Therefore, researchers can try to use other methods instead of using scale such as in-person interview.

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