Essay on Relational Turbulence Between The Wife And Husband

Essay on Relational Turbulence Between The Wife And Husband

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In the movie Brothers, I saw relational turbulence between the wife and husband. Relational turbulence is when people react to an interpersonal situation that ordinarily would not be significant; due to difficult times in the relationship, changes in behavior are more noticeable (Katz, 2015). One of the main components in relational uncertainty. One of the scenes where this is seen was during dinner, the husband got up and left the dinner table when the kids mentioned the uncle. When the wife went to check on him, she wanted to know about what happened to him while he was away, but the only thing he could focus on was if she slept with his brother. Even though he had asked his brother if he slept with the wife and he answered, the husband was still not convinced (Knobloch & Theiss, 2012). He felt that since he was away for such a long time his relationship could not have remained stable. The husband questioned if he was still a good fit in the relationship. He saw that his brother, when playing with the kids and being around the wife, that he might be a better fit and questioned if it was even worth staying around if someone else had taken his spot. The husband most clearly questioned his wife’s investment in their marriage by asking if she had cheated. He was very uncertain about the relationship as a whole because he saw that things were not working as either of them wanted. They both wanted him to be a good father and connect with the children, and they both had issues communicating with each other. She wanted him to talk about what he went through but he was pushing her away, and he did not really want to push her away, but he did not know how to deal with his own feelings and needs. This also relates to the second part of rel...

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...ed him in participating in the family as he would have liked to (Knobloch & Theiss, 2012, p.430& 433). This is seen in a few of the scenes, but probably most clear during the dinner with his wife children when one of the daughter tells a joke about the big ears. They both try to be patient and understand the other. The daughter wants her father to understand her joke, the meaning, and to be able to make him laugh. The father wants to be a part of the dinner interactions, and to be close to his daughter by understanding what she is saying. Unfortunately, she tells the joke and because of the psychological interference he is still thinking of things being serious and her statement to be taken literally. Misunderstandings like this make it difficult for him to be an active member of the family. He does not fit into the family the way he did before and they all feel it.

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