Essay about Relational Database Management System For A Cloud Application

Essay about Relational Database Management System For A Cloud Application

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Relational Database Management System for a Cloud Application

Lakisha Griffin

University of Maryland University College

While a lot of research is currently taking place in technology itself, there is an equally critical requirement for understanding the cloud computing issues. This paper examines “database-as-a-service” (DBaaS) called Relational Cloud. “A DBaaS promises to move much of the operational burden of provisioning, configuration, scaling, performance tuning, backup, privacy, and access control from the database users to the service operator, offering lower overall costs to users.” (Curino, 2011) Database management systems that control web applications form a critical element of the cloud environment. There are a large number of companies offering cloud computing products and services that do not share the similar visions of these specific topics. Currently, the cloud delivers unprecedented benefits, including protection against hardware and software failures, and numerous services like storage, relational database management services, queuing, caching, and plenty others. However, the Database Management System for cloud computing looks to improve on efficiency, fault tolerance, operate on encrypted data, effectively run a heterogeneous environment, and interfere with professional technological products.

Relational Database Management System for a Cloud Application

There have been incredible strides made in the wide world of technology since the early 90s. So many companies have come and gone, but not without contributing a significant change in the way everyone uses their devices. With so many systems, applications, programs, and software being created, it’s sometimes hard t...

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